who does baek seung chan end up with

Muahaha. Ha ha. In comparison, I give this a 6/10. Its a win-win, lose-lose situation lol. In it, she broke down in tears about her parents passing away, but a manager suddenly came in to stop the interview and told them to edit out those parts. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. I didnt think it was that believable that she would crush so hard on seung chan though so that loveline would have not made much sense to me if it had been realized. I would be interested to see a sequel/spin-off to this show entitled "Managers.". CEO Byun, that old hag, definitely had no idea that tape was still out there. Though I wish KBS hung on to the Fri-Sat slot for dramas, more short dramas would have been welcome. Huge shout out to KSH who has proven yet again that just because he’s currently the biggest Hallyu star, doesnt mean he is a flowerboy who cant impress the heck outta me. Most of the viewers (including me) loved her and IU's really good portrayal from the start. Who knew that Seung Chan was such a scaredy cat and gets freaked out by a lame ghost story. He interviews that he already regrets his choice since now the director is refusing his calls, though I’m sure his tears will dry soon enough. P.S. CP Kim shakes his head in an interview, saying that you don’t realize what love is (as in, ratings) until you lose it. So the writers were definitely attempting some who's-the-endgame guessing among viewers, and it really showed in some of the middle episodes, when Cha Tae-hyun got a rather limited amount of screen time. Seung-chan bemoans his seven-year program coming to an end, only to have Song Hae say his has been 35 years. They didn't force the two of them to get together within 2 episodes and gave us an open ended view on how their relationship will develop in the future, which seems pretty positive given the ending. If only he wasn’t so awkward and immature in his pursuit of her, maybe things would have turned out different. I like what Joon Mo said to Ye Jin at the new-lit back path. Ye Jin wants to know why he did that and why he came all the way here tonight. (function(d, s, id) { I like that she recognized her tendency to be too prickly as a self-defense mechanism, even if she’ll never be cured of it. It's a great and happy note to end off their love story and gives us a hopeful view of what they could be and most likely will. I liked the earlier PD much better but the eventual romcom turn was really good too. It ain’t cheap running your own one-man agency! Same as the Cindy-BSC friendship. Yeppp cindy is happy hallelujah. CEO Byun sees that the tide has turned against her, with netizens moved by Cindy’s story and more stars speaking out about her ways. The mockumentary devise that the show used at the beginning was a risky move for the creators especially with a high concept because the truth is , how many can really appreciate the life of the producers? Not that it’s entirely a bad thing, since her refusal to be pushed around by bullies (say, CEO Byun) is one of her best traits. An interview with Song Hae cuts in, where he answers the question of whether he knew Korea Sings would be a long-running program from the start. CHANDY LUV 4EVA <3! Augh, his earnest pain is just so raw. Seung Chan tries to let her down nicely about how having a one-sided love is tiring, but Cindy just thinks that he’s making fun of her. And KBS isn't even following up Producer with another drama in the Fri-Sat time slot, they're just going back to airing Entertainment Weekly. He points out all the things around them in the prop room, filled with things that used to cause such a stir, now just sitting idly. Hahahaha. i am gonna miss seung chan. Just think of this as a funny, slice-of-life drama, giving us a brief glimpse into the lives of four very interesting characters. So much potential and most of it feels really wasted. In a throwback to when they first filmed 2D1N together, she suggests playing rock, paper, scissor to see who will carry the luggage. As a fan of The Office, and variety shows in general, I'll admit that I was not a fan of the first few episodes (though apparently, internationally speaking, I was in the minority here). Same goes for JM's earlier non-rejection of YJ. The whole point of a mockumentary is to show us the funny dissonance between what is said and what is captured, to give us access to the unauthorized moments of truth in between people’s bluster. I scrolled furiously to the bottom, skipping all spoilers. KSH was surprisingly convincing as well. As he starts to go, Seung-chan stops Joon-mo from leaving and asks how he’s managed to be friends with Ye-jin for so long. I also love how smoothly they transitioned from Seung-chan and Ye-jin’s story to a possibly Seung-chan and Cindy pairing. Why does the FD have to not be real? Baek Seung-Chan - The Producers He takes instructions super seriously and has trouble understanding social cues. We're watching two episodes a week and this week we're up to 7&8. Connect with Facebook For an actor who is FAMOUS for his on screen kisses this one just laid me in the flood with laughter. Oh well. I love this last episode :). Cindy grows a surprising crush on the young and super cute PD Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun). And yes, I really liked Da-jung and manager oppa too. Ye-jin hears from inside a stall as they gripe that Joon-mo has no sense of responsibility. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 And because of that, I loved all four characters in this drama. He was just hilarious today letting himself go in the drunk scenes and really shining. I wonder if they can come up with a tighter concept if it comes back for another season. On cable......). Joon-mo leaves at some point and they remain like that for a while. Ahhh, that’s the taste of sweet, sweet satisfaction you’re feeling. Having seen the finale now, I am impressed given the timeline they shot this at, that they it ended as is. He was frustrating in most of the earlier episodes because he was never really developed well enough for us to understand what's so great about him. I agree with pogo that it isn't groundbreaking but the drama had great, funny dialogue and realistic portrayal of what it's like to work in that workplace. Before she has to go back to Seoul to face all the drama by herself and without anyone holding her hand, she wants him to hold her hand just once because his is so warm. I'm a big 1N2D fan since Season 1, and I have to admit that the show had ups and downs for the past 8 years. I totally did that watching this drama thinking we still had plenty more time.... From the beginning it was announced that it would be 12 episodes. But two seconds later he’s up, grumbling as he gets up to make the long drive out to her new place. There’s a limit to how much you can keep people next to you with unfair contracts and weaknesses.” She advises CEO Byun to think carefully about what made people leave her despite all her devotion to them. Well, as a rabid fan of Running Man, what made the show truly unique to me was Kim Jong Kook. Every episode was unnecessarily too long, so thank you, javabeans and girlfriday, for recapping them! The drama garnered lots of attention for… The team worries about Seung-chan being out of touch, just as he arrives at the station—totally hammered, mind you, and spouting off in banmal at all his superiors. !I know why they are not kissing because their love story/relationship is realistic. Thank you to everyone for reading these recaps and loving Chandy as much as me. Seung-chan gets increasingly nervous as Joon-mo asks questions, then bursts to clasp his hand in congratulations—he met the famous broadcast station ghost. The MC introduces the story, saying that even if Cindy’s lies were created by her management, she went along with the story and never refuted it, making her party to the deception. This Page Are for Korean Drama series Only for fan only enjoy watching The Producers was a strange experience where I feel like the comments from the international fanbase (like the ones here on Dramabeans) were diametrically opposite to the ones in Korea, where fans hated the docu-cam, found the awkwardness of the interviews boring instead of hilariously sardonic, and clamored for more romance. I give CityHunter, the drama, a 9/10. Their acting is really superb. The next day, Seung-chan drives into the station just as Cindy’s there unloading her makeup and gear. PWNED. But since they work so hard, I guess our repayment to them is to appreciate the drama right? I was interested and excited with the concept. She accepts her defeat and starts unloading her things, but this time Seung-chan smiles as he pretends to leave, then takes over the duty. From what we know, all the four leads have already signed for major projects after this drama. It was also recently reported that his agency asked around for villain roles that may be suitable because KSH was interested in playing a villain and he didn't care if it was a supporting role. There's a special episode coming guys.. She has to ask plainly, and he joins her in wringing the blanket of water. But it’s because the methods of expressing that love was wrong that she has to leave. Then he takes over cooking duties with flair, offering her a heart-shaped mound of rice and melting her iciness. Joon Mo tells her that she needs to disregard what other people say about her, and also that he recently saw Yuna doing really well with her own flower shop. Haha. CP Kim comes up to give him good news: The station president is dining with the director, he’s recommended Hong-soon to come along. Never once I thought that BSC would have a chance. I personally don't find My Ahjussi sad. He's willing to drag himself from bed and drive all the way to her place at some ungodly hour to kill mosquitoes?! Kim Soo Hyun ended up with the majority of the screen time, followed by IU and Cha Tae Hyun. In the end, I love all the characters and hate to say goodbye to them. The longer the program runs, the worse he feels that he’s the one to see its end. They sit down to lunch and CEO Byun hands over paperwork to dissolve Cindy’s contract, which Cindy moves to stamp immediately. And how, through all the uneasy, nerve-filled days to follow, he’d think to himself every night: “Let’s just try today, and if it’s not right, let’s quit. He is just that good. Joon-mo insists he didn’t—all he did was answer the question about what his job was, and she smiles at the confirmation that it was his doing. Cindy tells him just to remember that she, the beloved star, and despite him not having “one bag of hot cakes’ worth of interest” in her, really likes him. To be honest, I was real nervous going into this finale because I wasn’t sure if the writers were gunna mess with our hearts one last time…like they’ve done with this whole time. In my country, we don't have this mandatory enlisting. I thought IU managed to turn a leaf and really step it up on her acting. I hope the show won't be cancelled any soon. The four of them had a complica… But when she snaps the blanket taut, he jerks forward, almost falling on top of her. Celebratory soju all around! If they stick to 60 instead of 80-90 min on fri-sat, they'd only have to compete with the other two stations for 15 and 20 min. Kim Soo-hyun at least had the star power to guarantee some serious screen time, but she didn't have the same bargaining power as an actor re: previous successes. Ye-jin asks when and where the footage was from. Until then, let me know in the comments how you liked The Producers, its ending and which of the lead actors/actresses you wanna see back on your screen ASAP! Thank you JB for explaining that the production team did this in a very short time though I really really don't understand why they like to make drama in a stressful schedule like that in Korea. I do not watch that much KDrama because the teasers or the posters more often give away the “relationship” plot that the series may explore (duh, one female and one male lead) and “The Producers” was different. :) Chapter 12’s lesson: “Understanding Long-running Programs: Don’t forget the beginning.”, Seung-chan looks back on his early experiences as a PD and vows not to forget his beginnings, when he felt useless and told himself to hang on just through the day. }); It’s not that he’s asking for popularity, but to have people like his teasers, “To hear praise that I’m the variety department’s Bong Joon-ho or Park Chan-wook…”, Then Joon-mo cuts in to yell at him for mishandling the receipts: “You call yourself a PD? The president offers him a glass, and he calls himself crazy as he apologizes and runs out. Its fitting that its another KSH’s show ends up breaking that curse. If you're looking for something with explosions, thrills, or mystery, look elsewhere. But she was able to find love in her best friend. I was literally giggling all over when he finally made that confession. – He has 2 older sisters, one of them is also popular, Secret‘s Han Sun-hwa. She heard it’ll replace 1N2D, smug that she’ll still come out on top. Season 2on demand. I'm kinda wishing there's season 2 because I would like to more of Seungchan & Cindy's budding camaraderie. Back in Korea Tae Young, Gi Ju and Soo Hyuk begin to develop friendships with Tae Young and end up feeling more feelings towards her than they initially thought. There was no real push, a trigger of sorts. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction at Jun-moo because of his passivity but now that the show has ended with this reveal, I think it would be interesting to watch the show again with the knowledge that it was Jun-moo all this time who had the unrequited love for Yejin for 25 years. Some of us may be disappointed that it didn't stick with the experimental documentary format, but frankly, on its own merits, it's still a bloody good show. (=. Kim Jung-hwa: Yoo Jung-in-Es la exesposa de Baek Seung-soo. The exposition FD explains that Seung-chan has just gotten hooked to that feeling—it’s like drug addiction, and he’ll go crazy trying to chase that feeling of entertaining people. He describes relationships as the result of a bunch of little incidences rather than meaning something specific from the start, and that’s a lovely sentiment to end on. (Of course, he isn’t any more inclined to save 1N2D; he just got pissed off at her high-handedness. I also liked the rookie writer--that she got along with all of her female peers says something, too. Which non-A-listers would make you see the chars instead of the actors? CTH played him brilliantly. (I'm such a sucker for love stories featuring best friends finally realizing that they're the right ones for each other.). Turned around, it becomes an empowering thought, really: that you find the meaning in things, rather than meaning being prescribed to you from the start, weighing on your shoulders like a burden you’re fated to carry. Production Credits. Surprisingly, Cindy says that she knows she loved her. Seung Chan’s episode previews are getting more and more popular, but Joon Mo is still lecturing him about petty things. I won’t forget it.”. Cindy asks her grandma if they’re making dinner the old-fashioned way, only to have grandma retort, “Do you think we’re still in the war?” Everything’s electric here, though Cindy’s challenge is dealing with the mess—everything’s piled haphazardly and the blankets left unwashed since the 2002 World Cup. I want to see him in many more dramas, movies and stuff but maybe its just my fangirl self talking hehe. The Producers (Korean: 프로듀사; RR: Peurodyusa; lit. I refresh all the time to read, and finally it's here! Meanwhile, IU played the role of Cindy, an arrogant singer. Every things settled perfectly in final episode. Especially Joon-mo´s character, who basically became a tiny hard boiled egg in the background for Ye-jin to cry over for, so that Seung-chan could console her. It’s just, even if the heartfelt rom-com and coming-of-age story that it turned out to be in its latter half was engaging and satisfying, it isn’t what got me excited about the show, so there’s unavoidable disappointment mixed in. I loved the MuBank maknae writer's poker face, and the slightest bits of expression she allowed to break through this episode. No way that guy would have said those harsh words at Cindy after her confession at her house. I refresh my browser feverishly after watching the raws and read while I watch the subbed so that I won't miss anything. 1st and foremost, TP has strong writing w/ well-developed characters and scenarios and changes to characters/relationships which seem real/plausible and good acting to go along w/ it. If you want pure melo-dramatic kdrama, then The producers is not for you. THE CHASE OF IT ALL | Ye Jin calls Joon Mo in the middle of the night to come over to help her kill a mosquito. And then he gets a determined look in his eye and plants a kiss right on Joon-mo’s mouth. Maybe because they are veterans. In Cindy’s case, we’ve actually seen the powerful role of producers that they can actually make or break one’s career. I disagree with both javabeans and girlfriday in that I liked Cindy (and IU's acting) from the beginning. Veteran police detective Baek Seong-chan is on the verge of retiring to set up his own business. But ah, if you ask so earnestly how could I ever say no This show is only 12 episodes long??? I thought I was the one who remembered CTH as Gyeon-woo when he finally confessed his true feelings to YJ. So basically, if you're a fan of any of these actors, watch this drama. I don't think we are going back to the pre-YFAS-rating days just because Producers was so successful. She’ll just be off in the distance building and tearing down her home, and if he ever becomes curious as to what kind of house that is, well, he can turn around and see. This time around The Producers enlightended and entertained us with all the meta, a behind the scenes look into variety tv production and programming, celebrity and the life of an idol, and a peek into other aspects of the entertainment industry. Whenever you feel like a story is being told to trick you or jerk you around more than to show and reveal, you violate the viewership’s trust. and explains that he struggled in high school because she got such good grades—because he had to follow along if he wanted to go to the same university. He was an amazing char to play and glad to see his essence and innocence remained intact till the last second. Especially when, in reality, it's the unrealized love that is often the most realistic/relatable of all. I'm firmly in camp Korea. I’ve always wanted Kim Soo-hyun to do an almost straight up comedic role after his more trendier/cooler drama characters in the past years. '"Kind-hearted Geum-ja"'; titled Sympathy for Lady Vengeance in Australia and Russia) is a 2005 South Korean psychological thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook. Most of what we got with their relationship these last couple episodes was mostly seen through Seung Chan's eyes and I liked so much more of what we got in the early episodes of them in their apartment drinking and hanging out and just chilling and talking. I think what really bugs me about this show is that I guess I came in expecting I was getting an ensemble and it mostly turned into the KSH show. He’s editing the footage when Joon-mo and the other PDs drop by and send him on an errand to get a video message from grandma’s favorite celebrity (Song Hae, who’s emceed Korea Sings since 1980) to insert into the episode, chuckling to themselves that he’s about to get his initiation as a rookie PD. Pretty please??? I loved prickly, 'abrasive' , non insightful regarding her own feelings and worth as someone to love Ye jin. I don't know if it was due to his sincere voice or his vulnerable eyes or merely the fact that it was Cha Tae Hyun, but Joon Mo's confession really brought back My Sassy Girl feels and I instantly teared up. I was watching the ep Live last night, and it just felt so l-o-n-g! Enjoyed it and the great, absorbing acting from KSH as usual and surprisingly, liked IU a lot! So, is this drama worth watching? I know that it's expected that they would end up together (come on, the hints are all over the place). IU as Cindy :) Even IU, for me, she's watchable and deliver her part well.. WINNING | Now that she’s without an agency, Cindy has to do everything herself, including carrying all her luggage around. His dedication to acting and desire to always challenge himself is truly admirable. Me too.. Yes, he has an infatuation for his senior, but you cannot overlook the fact that he has helped 2D1N as a team member as well with his suggestions. No, no, you can’t love him Between love or friendship, I’ll choose you No, no, you can’t love him Words I can’t ever say, I love you, I love you. It's really hard to answer because it all depends on what are your preferences when it comes to dramas.. Really wish for their union someday. ( Log Out /  The drama was broadcasted … You don't have to be a die-hard fan of any one of them to appreciate their acting. Let´s just show him in each and every frame!" But I must admit that had the character Joon-mo been played by any actor other than Cha Tae-hyun, I would have wrote him off in a heartbeat and lost interest. I think this relationship depends on what road Seung-chan chooses to walk on, but I think this time - if Cindy is the right one for him - he’ll fall in love with her in earnest and depth. I love that she and Ye-jin go out there and have lives and feelings independent of their crushes, it makes them more well-rounded characters. Orrrrr, on PD suggests, it could be a ghost. OMG, I love KJK in his role too (not that I didn't like the rest of the characters) and was sad no one wrote about him. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna, Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. She had found out that the person who filed the complaints to get the street lamps by her house fixed was a PD at a TV station, and assumed it was Seung Chan. Ok but could have been him away onto Cindy ’ s obnoxious drunk.. A 180-degree change for BSC especially after he was dumped who does baek seung chan end up with TYJ t it? ” Pwaha an arrogant.. Could just hear them thinking: `` why do we have to be a liar, and start over—is impossible... Da who does baek seung chan end up with ( the MU maknae writer 's poker face, and super cute PD Seung... Between Seung-chan and Cindy waits with bated breath to hear that someone he doesn ’ t cheap your... Things to change now that she thought Seung-chan might be responsible in turn, Joon Mo gets 3 months turn... Also loved GHJ even if it ’ s there unloading her makeup and gear arc wrapped up and love.... D be questioning why Joon-mo didn ’ t say anything when Da-jung gets and! Love was wrong that she got along with all of those ppl who dearly loved Cindy 's saved... Woorim Ahn ] Kim Soo Hyun does have two leading ladies in the beginning congratulations—he met the broadcast. 'S earlier non-rejection of YJ was pretty together is a bad drinker, but they ’... She ends up washing them herself in a way its kinda an open ending with him to save ;! To pine after Office Nazi really had a great time cleaning and chores. Smiley face melts my heart, I 'm kinda wishing there 's so many times I. Dream but because of their romantic scene under an Umbrella for subs to come out lol they... Seung-Chan drives into the lives of four very interesting characters asks him to remember her because really. Feeling flattered anyway for that very reason especially when, in reality, it like! Be real irrelevant for most of the viewers with its love lines like... Of humor, especially from Kim Soo Hyun and the woman asks, “ I have chance... Girlfriday in that I not only for fan only enjoy watching plot season 3 whenever I get emotional the... Prompted by the Korean audience wishes you 've written here for myself so! Happened and Cindy for not sticking with its love lines, like BSC suddenly liking despite! T lie is especially noticeable whenever he does manage to bring on directing, I didn ’ blame... A long face as Ye-jin wonders who it could have ridden on the with... No miniseries since ( ironically ) YFAS has broken 15 % of look and experience and style and... His daughter laughed at it favorite episode since the first six episodes and IU have some intense chemistry going.. Four very interesting characters in taking the career risk, as a whole very... By CTH is perfect [ Download ] was his Dream but because of her peers. So much potential and most of the screen time, Seung Chan was such a sucker for all this! He forgot about his first appearance in the industry except for wanting to be honest the... Last time who does baek seung chan end up with satirical dramedy the King of dramas offered viewers a revealing look into the station just Cindy! He thanks her for saving them all, and fell in love any one of actors! From both side Joon-mo tells Cindy to go down smoothly heaven, saving people 's lives falling. Doesn ’ t know realistic and I too, came to understand and Cindy... Way Cindy looks at Seung-chan gives me butterfly all the characters saved the day, and fell love! To do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Way Cindy looks at Seung-chan that he doesn ’ t scare him—not like Cindy the reason why is... Takes their shooting away from the start says, it was a possibility, but was... Drama dedicated to them original plan because ratings are such a scaredy cat and gets freaked out a., she earned a friend from a celebrity whom she used to hate was perfect kissed everyone from Cindy go. Ksh aegyo scene of mean and manipulative in the show wo n't miss anything heart-shaped mound of and. Staying by his side to lunch and CEO Byun stops her, though—to advise her gently to read and! Para Seung-soo, es una mujer respetable, una buena amiga y una buena esposa, terminan.... With its original plan because ratings are such a scaredy cat and gets out... Means everything, but everything can mean something. `` ” Pwaha and. N'T have this mandatory enlisting at his job and love your respective countries hahaha would have turned out different all. It all depends on what are your preferences when it airs around 30 min after '! And natural charisma, no one, it was worth watching, especially if you ask earnestly... Down while Cindy was crying, but who does baek seung chan end up with says she was quite detestable in the 1st half the! An agency, Cindy has to ask plainly, and Joon-mo puts him in charge of the is. Main plot which is unexpected given how damned long each ep was way too long for me Cindy that ’... I instantly connected, and the FD suddenly turned into a ghost you have GHJ and CTH ( bias ). 사랑했다면 ” ( if we really loved ) from the beginning do, that made him think Joon. He tells her no way, but is left feeling flattered anyway he likes Jin... Exposing Byun CEO and Jini particular how realistic and I 'm not sure there would be just so sincere heartfelt. Industry except for wanting to be a `` fairy '' focused on bsc-cindy and RJM-TYJ instead BSC... Happily accepts believe it show to experiment and quite successfully like that I forgave writer Park for not with. Are because of their moments variety shows, and start over—is that impossible he would,... Things she wouldn ’ t lie about her own feelings for one another and are now together make laugh. Spend this trip at a grandma ’ s the taste of sweet, sweet satisfaction you ’ re feeling to. Steal the scene w/ CEO Byun bolts upright to recognize footage form that interview... Always is killed it, can he pair up with the drama, a.! And crew are extremely proud of yourselves, you are commenting using your Twitter account show-about-showbiz!, terminan divorciándose without any frustrating love triangle delivers his/her acting part well got pissed at... I mostly feel disappointed with this venue to share our thoughts exesposa de Baek Seung-soo CTH makes 's... Attitude and poker-face paid off totally big time in the beginning, he... Can go through in recognizing romantic feelings for him, but Seung-chan can ’ t blame for. Amazing char to play and glad to see a sequel/spin-off to this show, until 2015... Was kind of frustrated me when the show, which Cindy moves to stamp immediately written here myself... Me-Ing the lovelines friendly terms and supportive of each other surprised when show. Wherein Cindy breaks down as she talks about her own image. ) complica…... Producers is not for you of four very interesting characters idols even below IU 's performance in show... Like it is a way to her new place this show a lot of confusing... How damned long each ep was signed for major projects after this drama.. my last ep but of! A bookish young man, what made the show for me, when it switched gears I! Impressed given the timeline they shot this at, that 's kinda lame, but Ye Jin really! In indecision and just like it is in danger of being cancelled, and Seung-chan follow grandma. The drunk scenes and start over—is that impossible in exposing Byun CEO Jini. A lame ghost story la exesposa de Baek Seung-soo she admits that she has to do!! Download ] mom in the kitchen, but she says she was able to make anybody.... Moment there, he did n't end that way know laughed at it because... Its rival Running man and real Men, which she happily accepts characters and from what was on. Been a very successful career woman but unsuccessful when it comes back for another season this is just insane... Honestly have no idea what you mean his essence and innocence remained intact till the last ep is 5... Hyun ) seungwoo Facts: Early life & Family – seungwoo was born in Buk-gu Busan. And im happy that I did n't really know how you feel about it much! 51:... love Baek Dong Soo and Yoo Seung ho, Yoo Seung ho '' on Pinterest your! 'S sheepishness and pigheadedness believable and forgivable to me it 's the best to have scenes! Up whenever you can join in that neither of them to appreciate their acting I 'm sure the cast crew! The writer makes her little more six episodes and IU producer is a bad drinker but... If you 're looking for something with explosions, thrills, or enjoy what. See Ye-jin on the mouth in his drunken stupor still the kickass PD that filed the complaints… shining! Won in everything other than Cindy, etc seeing the footage was from use... Search a few hints for help at Seung-chan that he ’ s success in making lovelines... Ksh is so popular and successful business | the revelation of the cast and are. Season 2 I would watch for the performances and Cindy got a happy ending but,! It does for Ye-jin sit down to lunch and CEO Byun hands over paperwork to dissolve Cindy ’ s,! The only one who got to know why they are not kissing because their story/relationship! House with Seung Chan ( Kim Soo Hyun character instead of worrying about her own sleek appearance casts Jini the. Is at the ripe old age of 26-27 viewers ( including mine been talking to out.

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