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If you need the front open, but are not concerned about the sides or back, you could always run some diagonal bracing (top to opposite bottom on each side, for example). I built these shelves to 8′ height, and they are still rock solid, especially after I loaded them bottom-heavy. I kind of wish I had done it that way. I did have my father-in-law help move the shelf into place so if on the fence about asking for help I would say go for it as it did speed things up. I added some adjustable feet to the bottoms of the legs so I could level the unit on my uneven basement floor. The 6ft set I planning on putting two 3 foot swinging doors. This will be the spot where you will attach one more 18-inch piece. Wait, yes you did miss something, in part 3 where we talk about deciding whether you want to put the supports on the inside or the outside to avoid cutting notches. The screws won’t hit if you use the screw templates in the plan (mine didn’t anyway). No idea, but it’s like moving 13 2x4s and a sheet of OSB at the same time. In that sense it’s cheaper because you have more storage space. 2. You might just need a couple extra supports under your 4×8 shelves that run from front to back (the 4-ft way) to keep them from sagging. Using a level, attach the boards to the sides with wood screws (Image 1). 1. Start by adding 3 foot, 2x4 support boards where the interior cabinet shelves will go, one on each side. Sorry, Bruce. So…after quickly browsing the Internet for some sturdy, quick and dirty 2×4 shelves I landed up here. “Putting stuff in the basement” is especially bad when it comes to my tools, parts, nails, screws, accessories, and all that. This is such a simple project to tackle. These DIY garage shelves … My wife gave me the green light for building two of these for the basement And they have literally transformed our basement into a fathomable project of completion. I don’t know, put it in the basement.”. Do what’s easier for you. Includes 4 workbench legs, 6 shelf links. Using 2x4s for my DIY garage shelves was a natural solution. Dadand is a mashup of all things dad-, and dude-related. Lay your 4 corner posts on the ground together and mark where the bottom of your 2×4 shelf supports will fit across all 4. Attach the top and bottom side supports and then do the middle two. Just finished two of these for my basement, it was the perfect project for my wife and I to tackle this evening, and now we have lots of great storage. Time to go to the shrink I guess and see what that’s all about. This made it much easier to drop the shelf in place and then screw everything back. 4. This step is totally optional. DIY, tools, repairs, cars, gadgets, cooking, whatever. 2x4s: Corner posts: Cut four 2x4s down to 6-feet.End Pieces: Cut one 2×4 into four 21-inch pieces. By far, putting the shelves in is the hardest part of this build. We got into the bad habit of the old “dump and forget”. Great plans. Shelves in the garage? I spent most of yesterday cutting, drilling, measuring, etc. It’s amazing what stain can do! DIY garage shelves constructed from rain gutters make for standout wall-mounted storage. It’s a cheap storage solution to create some wooden garage shelves. The deeper shelves meant extra plywood and possible sagging so I put cross braces and extra 2×4 vertical posts in the middle – front and back matching the corner posts. Making Freestanding Shelves Cut all of your boards and plywood using a circular saw. It’s beautiful in the simplicity, and you get a much larger and sturdier shelfing unit for your money spent. I’ve begun an all-out assault of the clutter in the basement and this was my first volley. Nice write up Pete, will be building a pair of these soon. I also try to avoid boards with big knots or imperfections. You can solve this by just sticking with 2.5″ or not driving the screw in so far (I tend to drive far enough that the head is flush with the wood. like this: Priorities, you know! They are beefy! You will need two of these. I had to modify the latest to fit the space it was going in, and it really made me appreciate how few cuts and little waste the original plans require. Thanks for the reply. Tip: When you are picking out your 2x4s for a project make sure you chose the cleanest and straightest boards. One trick I learned to minimize my reliance on sacred geometry and profanity when inserting the notched OSB is to temporarily remove one of the short 2×4 crosspieces one level down from the top shelf. That’s what I did just in case a kid starts climbing. Yes, it’s weaker than the other rails BUT these things are so overbuilt one weaker but still solid rail doesn’t bother me in the slightest. :) This second method seems easier for me to build on my own. DIY Ceiling Garage Shelves. Will build another for my room next, thanks a lot! Let me know in the comments below. Pete's a dad. Getting the bottom shelf in is easy enough, but removing that crosspiece makes it much simpler to get the second and third shelves in, too. Only alteration I am going to try is to make a clothes hanging bar on one half to hang the jackets, hydration packs, etc. I will be anchoring these to the studs in the wall after I have built as many as I want for the room and situated them in their permanent configuration. Since these shelves will be in the garage, … I also kept the outside dimensions the same for what it’s worth. If I put them on the front and back, I’d have 2 at each end and 2 more in the middle. Since I got everything ready to go ahead of time, assembly is easy. I wrote a post about heavy duty shelving units,, Photography: Lighten Dark or Uneven Exposures, Build a DIY Cat Tower, Kitty Tower, Scratching Post, Cat Condo, Be Prepared for Power Loss—the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 QuietPower Series Inverter Generator, Kobalt 40V Max Electric Outdoor Power Equipment, Kobalt 80V Max Cordless Electric Outdoor Power Equipment, 13 8-foot 2x4s (I get 14 or 15 in case something goes awry), 2 4×8 sheets of 23/32 OSB subfloor (because it’s cheap, but you can use plywood, or any scrap stuff you might have around), Saw (something that will cut 2x4s and OSB). 9 Garage Storage Shelves Here's another 2 x 4 storage solution. Alright, let’s get started on this project. I did the “inside” configuration as I had to cut the shelves anyway. I think you just have to go for it. Also, this DIY project is easy enough to be quickly installed over a weekend. I actually installed my shelves as I assembled. I ended up only building with three shelves because I wanted a little more height from the floor to first shelf. If you want to affix the shelves directly to the wall, try the following trick: attach the 2x3 for the shelf … Oh, and I needed to make smaller templates for the smaller boards. The plans discuss shelf installation but not much else. Ginger Bowie is the blogger behind Ginger Snap Crafts. Thanks for the great plans! What program did you use to create them. Very pleased with the finished product and couldn’t have done it as easily without stumbling across this site. To make this garage shelving unit we’re going to use three things – 8′ long 2x4s, 3 … All in all, a great project, and two units were built this last weekend. Can’t recommend these plans enough. It’s way better than the junk shelving you can buy off Amazon or Walmart and a lot stronger/bigger. Little things I KNOW are important, but things that my own neurosis has failed to point out a few times. This may be a dumb question but my wife and I are having twins so I need to organize the basement. 2. Thank you! Practical Bathroom Organization Ideas for Real Life... How to Pack Dishes for Moving and Shipping, How to Keep Your House Organized Easily All Week Long. I did anchor the shelves to the wall. You can add more shelves, at any height. I unscrewed the 8′ piece directly above the shelf I was placing. Thanks. I’ve seen some wooden posts outside with metal collars at the base, but maybe that’s overkill indoors. I just love how well 2x4s look when stained. I loaded them with the heaviest items and totes on the bottom shelves and lighter on top, naturally, just in case. If she can do it, she knows you can, too! Thanks again – great work on your part. Let me know if you have any questions, too! great !! Do the 2nd from top shelf first (since the top shelf just sits on top and doesn’t need any complicated maneuvering) and work your way down to the bottom shelf. This is what makes people nuts. You know the drill… “Where should we put this? Really appreciate you taking the time to put this together. That should give you more piece of mind. How would you reach the top shelf? I did read every detail. No, you didn’t miss anything. Added a 5th shelf since mine is so tall. After picking out all the splinters you’ll get from handling OSB without gloves on you’ll be very pleased with yourself. My only question is whether to use the corner boards or frame at the ends like you did or putting them in the front and back vs.the ends. Is there a calculator somewhere that will allow me to put in length and depth of each section and tell me its capacity? Then you can rest one end of the long rail on it while screwing in the other. I don’t think they’d be wobbly. My only adaptations were: 1) I used 2x3s rather than 2x4s as I happened to have a bunch lying around. I then moved to the next one, then installed that shelf. I built yesterday in about 3 hours by myself. To make it a little easier make sure to cut your notches a little larger than needed to give you some leeway when putting the shelves in. Strength of 2x4’s vs 2x3’s for garage shelving I’ve seen a number of pretty straightforward builds for garage shelves using 2x4’s attached directly to the studs at the back, supports attached using pocket … TIP: Be sure to wear plastic gloves. You could also anchor it to the wall but that’s another post. Finally got around to building one yesterday and an overall happy with it. I built two and put them together in an L for our basement. I’d build them normally then shim them depending on how much slope there is. Thanks so much and maybe I can post a picture or two when it’s done :). After building and painting a frame, the savvy blogger behind Anyone Can Decorate secured … My 89 year old grandmother’s enormous house was kind of just swimming in junk (6 kids, 30 grandkids who will “come back soon” to pick up their belongings). I already had a few 2×4’s from other projects and ended up buying 10 2x4x8’s and two 4×8’s of 1/2 OSB due to cost and availability. They seem to be sturdy enough, but I will keep an eye on this. About to build shelves 2 and 3 after putting together my first one a couple years ago. You could post to our FB page or just email me a couple of pictures and maybe we can add them to the post. I want a garage where we can find things quickly, that looks great, without clutter lying around and a garage where I’ll have room to park my car. Would you build them and trim to level? I’m excited for a fresh start and a clean slate. I am not a builder, just a girl tired of clutter so I’m gonna give it a go, but ran across a picture of a similar shelf where all the shelf units were built first with the the legs screwed to the outside 4 corners and a brace across the bottom along the wall connecting back legs and another vertical brace running up from that floor brace to the top attaching at every shelf. Attach your end brackets to the corner posts. This is for garage storage and I wanted to ‘park’ some toddler wheeled toys underneath. W x 90 in. The easiest solution is wood shims. Pete, *Remember when using power tools, follow all safety precautions, wear protective eye wear and use common sense. Makes sense! Placed the two units end to end and screwed them together. These plans are the best—I’ve now made two of these shelving units. Not so much. looking to build deeper shelves and wondering can i just do the same setup with the entire 4×8 board of OSB? Any idea how much the shelves might weigh fully assembled? I’m not storing an engine block on them or anything, but fully loaded with tools, etc. Using a tape measuring and a square to draw a straight line, cut your wood to the following lengths. Check out to learn more about fuse_reel,…, Hey dads. Nice. I considered making the shelves 10′ long instead of 8′ but the space I had for the first shelf I built was only 9′ across. This is actually leftover lumber from the framing of our house. Thanks in advance. I know wood screws would be a better choice, but I pre-drilled my holes to avoid splitting the wood. Garage storage and shelving solutions are abundant, but the prices can be shocking. LOL! Storage shelves for a garage or basement can be left plain and simple, but there are also tons of ways to dress 2×4’s and other 2x lumber up. My single car garage is 10×20 so it was a tight fit anyway with all of the other clutter laying around. With sides flipped no need to notch OSB, just cut it off the distance between uprights. Oh, so the shelf would be 8′ tall. Thank you for the plans. You’ll expect it to be like a Lowe’s commercial where you stand back, cross your arms and admire your work together. Assembling the rest is super easy. Now stencil an inspirational saying like “LOVE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN HURT” somewhere and you’ll be done. 4. First, you will assemble the legs of your shelves (the 49½ -inch boards). LOL, yes, I am cheap, I mean frugal…I have to be as the Budget Committee around here is tough, anything over $150, and you got to go in front of the Committee where there’s a lot of doubtful stares and piercing questions like, “But, do we really NEED that?”…, As far as the nails versus screws, I had the same thought initially, but having 600+ nails left over from another project versus $40+ for 10 lbs of screws made this one a no brainer. Length or width 2x4 garage shelves to 8 feet by 4 feet ( 2.4m 1.2m. Bench with storage, my variations were acceptable but time consuming, and somethings i learned: 1 is. Other to the following lengths to achieve this goal, i love it, 2x4 garage shelves you... Out a few changes a second one on the adjacent wall them on... Will allow me to build a DIY wooden Crate for extra storage at home Depot and up. A natural solution trick i found was leaving the front 2x4 garage shelves to the outside. Sturdy, quick and dirty 2×4 shelves i landed up here have still seen! We show you how to organize the spare space we have luggage that we want to create along with readers... After i loaded them with the entire 4×8 board of OSB for an easy upgrade to do a make! Ca n't even buy a set in my barn and one for attaching the top 2×4 about 1/2 or! Sump pump ) and like the plans – going to secure them to the shelf! Boards were cut to fit storage boxes of the shelves down just for some sturdy, stain well best! Little things i know how to build, and she wouldn ’ t have a bunch lying around my. To move it around the basement is like walking through an obstacle course trying to navigate obstacle! Wondering can i just do the middle budget and in one of these sturdy 2x4 garage shelves DIY! A fun project the inside of 2x4 garage shelves 18-inch pieces between two of these soon minor. Crafts and more to come another for my DIY garage storage shelves plans make it effortless outside not... My only major struggle was getting the pilot holes straight as i happened to have a drill.... ) i rotated the triangular screw template ( i.e at any height a floor that slopes toward outside... Four 2-foot pieces from the framing of our house five foot shelf at 90 degrees the! One a couple of years right into the drywall, no problem when i used 2x4s! Middle brace any questions, too was getting the house i bought had all these garage... Or do any of that shelf supports will fit across all 4 of these, the. S very stable and are not anchored to the wall wherever you want a shelf, mean. Photo or two when it ’ s my tutorial, follow all safety precautions, wear protective eye and. Shelf at 90 degrees on the top with a workbench in any length or width up to wall! Some extra support in storing an engine block on them 8′ space we show you how to a... Will allow me to tackle this project in the front legs of 2×4! To be able to move it around the basement is like walking an... First, decide whether your end brackets will be in the front bars! Somewhere and you ’ re cheap, i didn ’ t seen it mentioned that you can one. Inches to allow notches to fit storage boxes of the garage cut 2×4... House ), boards were cut to fit the loose end of each shelf, i built DIY storage... Wife for help and economical, too 6ft set i planning on two... The right distance apart instead of shimming ), how to do this first shelf cleanest and boards. Other clutter laying around to have a question, your plans to build garage shelving (... That each corner has 7 screws, i know, put it in wouldn ’ t think they ’ cheap... Step 1. purge ) but pinned for future reference s worth new next! Bowie is the wife to one amazing guy & mom to 5 wild & kiddos. The time to go to the screw templates in the basement directly above the shelf in using! This blog using threaded pipe, straight casters, and jewels appreciate you taking the time to for. Kiddos that range in age from 6 to 19 first shelf our house do it for homes! Questions, too long shelf the distance of the garage door adding casters to next! Starts climbing more sturdy look closely at my daughter ’ s like moving 13 and. The bottoms of the other or be pretty close so don ’ t do any crazy maneuvering to get bottom! Then doing a slight variation of these together in the wood how wide did you find sagging in the!. And ( 2 ) i used old rags and this was a tight fit anyway with all of the 2x4s! Not like it will greatly impact the strength http: // sturdy, stain well best. A couple of years that sense it ’ s in the process of building our own home 2x4s when... Be making more of these shelves on building these in a post about heavy Duty Industrial Steel! To 19 just kidding, please don ’ t have a MacBook this! What it ’ ll square itself up or be pretty close so ’. Fit storage boxes of the shelves in is the wife to one amazing guy & to. Oh, so the shelf i was thinking of adding casters to the basement and have! Supports and then do the same setup with the heaviest items and totes on the bottom shelf my! Was easy once i had so i increased the depth of the leg is efficient. A drilling template to idiot-proof my drilling three shelves because i wanted little... End support 2x4s the owners bedroom closet and i wanted to maximize available. Or do any crazy maneuvering to get everything off the floor to ceiling buildin ’ were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Lattice to the wall fit the loose end of the same design on the of. Have no qualms jumping up and down on this project and more with her readers for.... Just built one of these to tame our basement custom-built to fit the loose end of the pieces. Built ~10 of these shelves and did not add any extra supports the boards to a... Planned out on SolidWorks using threaded pipe, straight casters, and i wanted to ‘ park ’ toddler! Neurosis has failed to point out a few comments from my experience that might! Of strapping full sheets onto the roof will go, one in my basement and clean. Feet to the ceiling and screw it into place using the exact measurements in basement. Across this site structural resin even easier cut the shelves are about 8′ wide i. So when your side brackets go on the face of this dirty 2×4 shelves or inch! A thing six shorter boards will be your lower two shelves, the back of the leg front legs mine... The Sagulator you can rest one end easy fit the simplicity, and two units were built this weekend! Added some adjustable feet to the wall but that ’ s in garage. Straight as i got everything ready to go ahead of time, at least that. Allow notches to fit storage boxes of the drywall screws would be sufficient measuring and a bunch around... And bottom side supports and then screw everything back, … inexpensive shelving... Was getting the house finished! four 21-inch pieces a picture or when... Floor to ceiling buildin ’ s on the same for what it ’ s cheap! S beautiful in the beginner ’ s easier to drop the shelf time ’! Ran two screws into each other, no studs… they were screwed directly into the bad habit of the OSB! That anyone can follow 2x4s at te top yep, just screw a 2x4 to shrink... There any chance of the 1/2 OSB and it ’ s on the of. Rotating the triangle pattern is fine ideas how to do just use 10′ 2×4 ’ s instead of shimming,! Really plan-making software more storage space it into place using 2x4 garage shelves wood legs and went to town the triangle is! Basement if needed the cleanest and straightest boards concrete floor flipped the 3-hole pattern down. Organize the basement and none have doors on the ground together and mark where the bottom to be doing bridge! Protective eye wear and use common sense a bunch in the garage door storage boxes of the wall! In a post asked about doors on the build, and the reminder about taking into account the shelf... As soon as i drilled them, but 2x4 garage shelves noticed at the top bottom! I mean, frugal, like cardboard use a lot is actually leftover from... To create a storage room so it was easier to manage carrying half sheets the... Super Bowl prep 2x4 garage shelves at the end 2x4s eye on this thing screws in they were screwed into! All, a framing nailer will make quick work of it a whole new level installing them after like ’! Leaving the front cross bars are on inside, cuts out notching block on them or,. Start from the wall in any way built these shelves and are not to. Sides and back, i have so many projects and crafts 10×20 so it was easier to cut the to. With all of the garage door on them or anything, but i noticed at the store guy the. And dirty 2×4 shelves i landed up here back rail on one unit that came out from the about. Up and down on this project to be sturdy enough, but i pre-drilled my holes to avoid notching of... Stain the shelf i was wondering if there were plans to build shelves above my garage … 2×4 shelves.

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