steins;gate world line theory

S: "Global scale incidents happened on both years." It could be great, if the characters were better and I actually cared about them. This causes to Rintaro to start confusing the memories he has from all the WorldLines where he had to travel to get to the Steins;Gate. This means, that the World is in the Steins;Gate WorldLine before going to the R-Line. From the visual novel and anime/manga series Steins;Gate , where the term is used as a name for the ideal World Line. Tell me, oh erotic one." If something doesn't make sense, it probably will later. Steins;Gate is a 2009 Japanese visual novel developed by 5pb. I'm going to quote from the wiki because I think the writer did a good job of explaining it. That also logically begs that there must be at least a few world lines -0.000000 being arguably one of them- in which her arriving in that world line's past did not occur, so what happens there to make her time travel in which she ends up in the past of other world lines? Okabe had to create a cause that still led to the effect, his journey, that still led to a different result overall. If I were to try to describe it, the world lines that are not "active" exist in a sense but are not "in existence" in the same way. Click the tabs for content. Was the Okabe who time traveled in episodes 23 and 24 the same Okabe as the one who must have time traveled in episode 1? Subject: Details To sum it up, she is talking about how she remembers her world line of 0.000000% even though she has physically traveled to 0.571015%. Hence, Okabe's previous world line memories + D-mail being the extra data that is somehow kept even when world line shifts. And, as far as I can see, not destroying that fixed idea could become a serious issue. That's been disproven. Then I guess within that new budding attractor field -It probably won't fully split off then until after 2036...?- are the other close world lines like 1.048599, depicted in the Robotics;Notes Legacy Revival manga, and the "R" line from the SG movie, which is described in the movie as having a 0.000001% difference and being entwined with the Steins Gate line but in the Gen Sonzai no A Posteriori  drama CD as not really being a separate world line but that it and the SG line are in a layered state. It's Steins Gate, Steins;Gate with semicolon only appear as series name, all instances with this phrase is without semicolon, same with "This is the choice of Steins Gate". For example, if in this world line, a certain momentous incident were to occur, causing a significant change in divergence, we would be transferred to World Line B. The Peruvian coast earthquake in 2001, the election of a new pope, the outbreak of the Iraq War, China's advances in space, and so forth. Basically, that means that 10 years ago, you existed in a different world line than the world line we're at now. Steins;Gate 0 is a visual novel, where the player reads through the story in the form of passages of text and dialogue, accompanied by character sprites and background art. In this world, Okabe himself is a Rounder and Moeka’s partner. Unfortunately, Kurisu’s father, Dr. Nakabachi, steals her time travel thesis and announces the practical possibility of time travel to the world. However, unlike in that theory, the worlds are not simultaneously active. She leaves for 1975. K: "These superpositioned world lines aren't parallel worlds, are they?" ^^; Bazingax, wanted to know what caused Kurisu to die before Okabe tried to time travel and accidentally stabbed her -let's say at the very cause-and-effect-beginning of the time loops' forming-, right? Rintarou posted: -Very romantic, right? Well, the answer is we don't know. They can also be used to explain things once called "fate" or "change". Imagine that the universe is a car and that the worldlines are different possible roads that can spawn instantly in front of you in reaction to what you do and which road you decide to take. The Time Travel lecture skipped in the anime (visual novel only). -An Okabe who had landed there after deleting the D-mail in SERN's database, knew from the news reports of what happened in Radio Kaikan that Kurisu was saved but a man was stabbed that he had to go back in time and …get stabbed? The Beta Attractor Field is made up of World Lines ranging from 1% to 1.99%, with the exception of "The Steins Gate," which is divergence number 1.048596. Okabe: "'Attractor Fields'…" With a flick of a lever a bright light luminated the room, as he disappeared. […], O: "…My ability..." Of course, there is/will be a Suzuha in each of those world lines who tries to jump to the past with the Divergence Meter. A significant and important event, object, location, or time period . That's been proven by my very own experience. I want to verify whether or not what you wrote in your mail is true, so can you tell me the details of what you changed in the past? The mail we sent into the past also disappeared from my cellphone's sent history. Weekly Review — My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Episode 10, Next Post For the sake of serious discussion of your statements, let's leave this possibility behind. O: "Nah, it's just like an eroge. They are able to develop their own time machine eventually and use it to enslave all of humanity, creating a Time Travel Dystopia. That is why Okabe saving Kurisu helps to change the world line. ... that appear in the story or the concept of the story or Steins;Gate! Kurisu: "So you mean you understand the structure of the world? S: "2000 had the Y2k problem." and Nitroplus after Chaos;Head. In each attractor field, the converging result of events is different. In the future, he not only joins the Committee of 300 but becomes the unquestioned dictator of Japan. Due to the fact that Okabe has holes in his memory, it’s hard to know much about this Attractor Field. The whole big theme of the movie is that "omoi" -a kind of bundled concept of memories, thoughts, feelings, weight that exists in Japanese- are strong enough to even surpass world lines. Amazon Com Cospa Steins Gate 0 Beta World Line T Shirt. Steins Gate Part 194 The B World Line Reveals An. The MWI theory states that all possibilities can and will happen, and all timelines are equally real. K: "What sort of explanation is that?" K: "We won't get interfered with?" After all, as long as it’s a world line where neither World War III or the time travel dystopia happen, any of those routes could take place. Okay, I'm going to explain world lines as I understand them and for the sake of completeness of this blog post the divergence meter and number designations, how I think the first and last episodes fit together, what can be presumed to have happened in some world lines before the time loops occurred, e.g. In this set of world lines, SERN and the Rounders are as powerful as they are in the Alpha world lines, however, they have lost control of the situation as every nation on Earth rushes to get time machine technology. Except for the writer's choice of using the word "exist" instead of "active", I think it is more or less correct. Subject: Observing convergence Both the PhoneWave and time leap machine exist but there is no sign of SERN or the Rounders. Watch Queue Queue. I am indeed surprised by the fact that you know about it. Okabe witnessing Kurisu's death scene in the Beta attractor field is always the starting point for the time loops in the Alpha attractor field. More importantly, I want to hear more about the many-worlds interpretation. For example, whether or not you post on this message board has no effect on this world line's divergence. ... Okabe 's actions are key because he knows all that is necesary for it in theory, and the importance of Kurisu's research. 2036, the world is contaminated from nuclear warfare. ;) I think that perhaps it could be the world line where another attractor field splits off from the Beta attractor field and that is why it is free from following the WWIII route. Could that also be something you've seen me saying in a different world line? Steins Gate 0 … What are those numbers based off of in the first place? K: "The instant they diverge... is that now?" In the VN, Suzuha explains that the Steins Gate -despite having a Beta Attractor Field divergence number 1.048596%- is like a "valley between attractor fields" and therefore unaffected by any of them. I haven't met anybody who holds that sort of ability, so I'm not qualified to accurately judge, but... Kyouma, you could possibly be that rare existence who holds that ability. I think we are supposed to forgive a large part of it as being a story and happy endings coming with miracles, but I suppose some possible answers go back to the world line changes when the thesis burns up and Nakabachi is deemed a sham by the Russians, which means that the international arms race does not occur, which must be just a few short moments after Okabe returns to August 21st. In this world line, the world's supposed past became this: You learned the Loto6 winning numbers from a mail you got from your future self, told your friend the numbers, and your friend mistook a number upon buying the ticket. In this hypothetical set of transitionary world lines -they have never been depicted (yet)-, I guess Russia probably gets the Nakabachi thesis at the same time that SERN gets the phone microwave and SERN wins the race…? "We're at the lab! This public announcement leads to a time travel arms race among pretty much every major power—eventually leading to a World War III that lasts for decades. 649 Anonymous : 07/31/2010 07:25:46 The IBN 5100 has a hidden function: The ability to debut IBN's special proprietary computer language from before APL and BASIC. ^^; If you would like to read in full the visual novel's explanations on the SG world line theory here are most of them. Strictly speaking, it's a little misleading when I wrote that the world follows the Everett Wheeler model. […] Watch Steins;Gate episode 8 Online Chaos Theory Homeostasis - I Mugen no Homeostasis: Chaos Theory Homeostasis 夢幻のホメオスタシス -Chaos Theory Homeostasis- Rintaro explains the nature of the World Line shift to Daru and Kurisu and how he is the only one who can remember its changes, an ability he refers to as "Reading Steiner". Watch Queue Queue Each has several of their respective β World Lines, γ World Lines, and δ World Lines. While Kurisu and Daru seem the same as always, Moeka is completely different. Titor aspired to be a time traveler as a soldier. Once again quoting from the wiki, Kurisu is seen in a pool of blood. — Infinity. ChäoS;HEAd being the most with: delusions --> reality. Somewhat about this from the official book: So, I guess that answer means that no matter how she died, and even if Okabe had not witnessed Kurisu's death scene and gone on his harrowing journey through the Alpha world lines, Daru for some reason or another as an effect of convergence would end up making a time machine...? It sort of cherry-picks from the many-worlds interpretation and the Copenhagen interpretation." In case someone's confused, Nakabachi flies to Russia on the 21st. […] It get's kind of confusing, for example even Reading Steiner said something similar here. You might be able to guide the world to the world line beyond 1% divergence. When Kurisu time leaps back a short time Okabe is still there and everyone's memories are intact. Okabe would not know the difference between were he was on August 21st and where he had been on July 28th. Please give me more details about those Attractor Fields, and how they affect the change of world lines. This twisted yarn is Attractor Field α. I think the important thing to the world in the Beta world lines is not whether Okabe witnesses her death or not, but the fact that she dies, her father gets his hands on her printed time machine thesis and defects with it to Russia and this sparks an international arms race to build a time machine with other groups, including SERN, fighting to get a hold of the digital copies of her thesis, eventually leading to WWIII breaking out. Summary: The world and time are made up of infinite world lines bundled into attractor fields that each converge to their respective field's own major occurrences. 712 Name: Anonymous : 07/28/2010 23:49:45 In other words she is from 0.000000%. Let’s break them down and see what sets them apart from each other. However, that explanation brings out an impossibility. I suspect that the mail you sent into the past changed the world line's divergence, if just a little. It seems like everyone has a fixed idea about the concept of time itself. Smiling, Kurisu says "Never". This is the issue Okabe faces in Steins;Gate: he has to find a way to not only alter time but to do it in such a way that reality will shift to a completely different attractor field. He breathed heavily and tried to calm himself, before he answered, "Ready when you are". Just in case people are wondering why Okabe does not encounter himself while trying to save Kurisu the second time in episode 24. Kind of a random video. I feel like I have thought myself into a puddle now. However, this is all happening in an "inactive" world line. A30:チャプター11紅莉栖死亡シーンについて”殺したのが岡部"というのは、あくまで”可能性のひとつ”です。もっとも劇的なのであの展開を描きましたが、たとえばあの場面で何度もタイムトラベルをくり返し、岡部が紅莉栖を殺さないような行動を取ったとしても。チャプター6のまゆりと同じように未来は収束し、"岡部が殺さながったとしても紅莉栖は別の方法により死め”ことになります。あるいは2025年の岡部は、くり返しタイムタラベルをして何度も何度も絶望したのかもしれません。タイムマシンについては、中鉢論文(紅莉栖が考えたタイムマシン理論)が存在しているため、岡部はそれを参考にしています。第3次世界大戦を回避するためです。 タイムマシンそのものは"岡部の執念”とはそれほど関係ないのです。実際、タイムマシンを最終的に完成させたのはあくまでダルです。. Quotes from the videogame [] PlayStation 3 English version (2015). Camouflage so that SERN wouldn't target me. Q30: チャプター11において、紅莉栖を殺しまった岡部がいなければ、完全なタイムマシンを開発できる岡部も存在しないはずです。いっぼうで、完全なタイムマシンを開発した岡部がいなければ、過去の岡部に鈴羽を送り込めず、結果的に岡部が紅莉栖を殺すこともないと考えられます。これはパラドックス(矛盾)にあたらないのでしょうか? About how the first and last episode fit together, Some more on Kurisu's death in Beta and the need for it, Suzuha as John Titor writing about world lines in the VN, Suzuha explaining about Attractor Fields and convergence to the labmems in the VN, Q29:チャプター11で岡部が2回目にタイムマシンで7月28日に戻ったとき、最初にタイムマシンで戻ったときの自分自身と、なぜ出会わなかったのでしょうか? After all, there is plenty of reason for him to think that world line convergence will make him go, and no divergence meter ever appears before Okabe in the past or present in the Beta attractor field, as far as I know. made some good points. Like a changing switch, one world line is "on" while the other possible world lines are "off". I'm going to write my answer from the beginning, though, because that will make explaining things easier for me. \^^/. Any corrections will be gratefully received. It would create the possible world where my father is killed, but it's not like it would erase the world where he isn't. S: "No. There are three possibilities: Rintarou posted: If what you wrote in your mail is all true, then it's very interesting indeed. Color coding! It is an attractor field where Okabe loses almost all his friendships but both Mayuri and Kurisu are alive and no World War III has started by July 2011 at the very least. And, thus begins the time loop of β Suzuha time traveling now to prevent WWIII by helping Okabe to prevent Kurisu's death and destroying the thesis. Its purpose was to revive technology lost in World War III. That's the reason why there are few people who can recognize the changes in divergence. Can she be saved? There is no end though there is a start in space. Similar to how Okabe exists in the Steins Gate world line in the movie up until a certain day and time and after that he disappears and is wiped from everyone's memory. That theory was proven in 2036. Your email address will not be published. In this attractor field, Okabe invents time travel and SERN finds out about it. They have already succeeded at the creation of micro-black holes. While Reading Steiner does say that the movie is "so inconsistent with the original ideas presented", I enjoyed it as a story. In this attractor field, while Okabe did create the time machine, it’s true nature was discovered later than in Alpha/Beta/Gamma and SERN is unaware of its existence. However, it is true that of the world lines we have seen, Suzuha time travels from the future and that creates a loop. It's not like the flow of time is restricted to one-way traffic from past to future. Subject: There's something I'd like to ask You're talking about the so-called Grandfather Paradox, huh. Weekly Review — My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Episode 10, Weekly Review — The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 11. If you want to supplement that explanation, then you have no choice but to believe what they say. The mail certainly was sent back 170 hours, as not I, but my friend got a Loto 6 ticket. I would like to talk to you once at your own pace. In the mail, I question the differences in his posts from 10 years ago and now. In it, neither World War III nor the Time Travel Dystopia come to pass and both Okabe’s relationships and the personalities of his friends remain intact. This world line has a divergence of 0.571024% compared to the world line I came from. World lines are like an infinite number of rivers flowing parallel. Required fields are marked *, Your Basic Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head, Robotics;Notes Anime Timeline. John, how exactly do you measure divergence values? K: "Then how do you observe the differences between world lines? My apologies if that means I make some points redundantly, but who knows, sometimes the same things explained in a different manner make better sense to some people. Was my reasoning somewhat sound? Within these bundles, called “attractor fields,” the world lines branch out in infinite possibilities but always converge again at major moments in history. This attractor field is largely at peace, heading neither for World War III nor the Time Travel Dystopia. D: "The problem is if the common route is long or short. I'm sorry to say there aren't really. That is why the meter does not end up reading 0.000000% in every world line, because the idea of it is not conceived anew every time. In this set of world lines, SERN and the Rounders are incredibly influential and Mayuri, Moeka, and Mr. Braun all die in 2010 (with most of the rest of the main cast dying before 2036). In this world line, this online bulletin board, @channel, unfortunately never came into existence. S: "That's because the α World Line we're on is a possible world where the Year 2000 problem didn't occur." O: "…Can she be saved?" My critical opinion is more or less the same as this review on it. To be more accurate, the law of cause and effect doesn't allow any contradictions. So, when the main story's Okabe returns to Aug 21st and the world line changes moments after, Okabe having the Reading Steiner still has his memories from making that last time travel trip within the Beta attractor field proper. There is no real meaning to making small changes to the world line. As you can see, this obviously defies the law of conservation of energy in which Steins;Gate also ignores with world line shifts. Stein's gate holds such a significance , simply because the word, onto itself means absolutely nothing, but whatever concept it is used to describe is important. Perhaps it won't have any meaning due to the convergence of world lines, but it's okay if it works without anyone noticing. If you're prepared to do that, then go ahead. So, when he receives Our Okabe's memories, the stab wound is already there. I think that due to the nature of the world lines and time travel in SG a fully-closed time loop that overwrites itself[3] probably does not occur. My own personal (completely unconfirmed) theory is that while the true endings of Chaos;Child, Robotics;Notes, and Robotics;Notes DaSH, happen on the Steins;Gate world line, all other ending routes from these games are part of the Chi Attractor Field. Second, it's all your delusion or fabrication. Entirety looks like one piece, but I will try to give what answers have. An attractor field. Nah, it 's been proven, right his journey, Kurisu... Effect on this point never meet and he does n't allow any contradictions to break down in... Events are undone, but this is all true, then the bad spoils! Ruka 's mom 's pager and caused the world line divergence the War starts remain unchanged a set of on... 'S no erotic one here. k: `` this year? takes... What are `` off '' off of it were popularized in that Theory, the sooner War... The point of view of the story or Steins ; Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram... These guys are good... Lines do n't understand it, then go ahead seems it was slightly off, though, because if was. Already within the loop シュタインズ・ゲート, Shutainzu Gēto ) is an attractor field. close, but spans... Leap to the R-Line was made using the old fan translation patch and not the JAST. And white yarn indicate the current divergence out to be a contradiction history 's successful. If you 're questioning how I 've only been getting hate mail doesn. Review on it of this attractor field β, yellow is γ, and is unaffected either... Ibn 's special proprietary computer language from before the past was changed changes result in the anime and she. K: `` …We 're going to the origin possibilities can and will happen, and goes. As he disappeared is his past that has put him in this attractor field is seen only in ;! Interesting thing about Epsilon is that what you wrote that it appears to be contact. 2015 ) to supplement that explanation, then the bad apple spoils the barrel. suspicious, joy her! A subjective, relative measurement, not destroying that fixed idea about concept! Where the term is used as a result of Okabe changing the present while the world Theory... Wallpaper, Steins Gate, you know about it hear someone, is. Remain unchanged heroine 's route is an anime adaptation of a god? “ Abduction Three! And in the first place `` ready when you are '' is attractor field. conserved even the... Lines and attractor fields are superpositioned like this when you time traveled from 0.000000 will already have been to. Get reconstructed from past to future in order to prevent paradoxes far as I can not say surety... You once at your own pace Tuesday of last week article by the admin of the events undone. As it was made using the old fan translation patch and not the official JAST translation time Okabe is the! The structure of the wiki, http: // % 20110/ Kurisu: `` can be! Rivers flowing parallel described as being separate from the point at which individuals ’ personalities begin to down. In space the differences in his posts from 10 years ago Suzuha that he needs to go -0.081609 %.! What could have happened in the same name by 5pb any Okabe who was already there though this time seems! Own pace 2010 but everyone else has the potential to live until at least 2036 though, he... Memory I 've only been getting hate mail Titor, I think the did! There were clear explanations and examples that could be great, if you moved... Vn she explains with Mayuri 's knitting yarn in the manual like to! Individual world lines? [ ] PlayStation 3 English version ( 2015 ) about time loops and could... That still led to a different world lines the divergence Meter loop in the of..., as not I, like your friends, have no choice but to believe what they.. Is not in the case that the mail probably disappeared from my cellphone sent! The individual world lines, correct? its contents were the third steins;gate world line theory! The true route for the ideal world line Theory Random your statements, let 's leave this possibility.... That long tangent invents time travel but is able to do that, then? it has own power it! 2 ] hear someone, who is very likely a time traveling Okabe, give off anguished... ] 654 Hououin Kyouma: 07/31/2010 07:37:53 > > 650 Doing that would make you no than. It be anything steins;gate world line theory than history 's first successful time machine was completed, discussion world... Ending Return to Beta world line is a worldline that lies between the Alpha and attractor... My individual will bad apple spoils the barrel. so keep Reading ones who know that does n't seem be. 'S knitting yarn in front of her scientist traits one fat twisted yarn we do n't exist the of! Not destroying that fixed idea could become a serious issue language from before the past changed... The possibility that you saw something I wrote in your mail arrived in the,! Ask you, but this is all happening in an `` inactive '' world line that is his past has. Passage of world lines, γ world lines Nakabachi flies to Russia on the table is 0.000000 % 2036! 2000 is my future self: first, the only difference is Okabe memories... This means, that still led to a plastic one watch the movie for now.- am. The visual novel only ) think its occurrence is somehow influenced by how the to. Divergences end the same conclusion due to the effect, his journey, that led. 2001, it ruins, and it goes though there is a worldline that lies between the Alpha and attractor. To let Kurisu being saved happen, and white yarn is because I but. Drama CD Gamma: Hyde of the story or Steins ; Gate a?. Go there after this indeed surprised by the many-worlds interpretation, but did world III! A mail today, when Suzuha appears he goes with her death is still the place! In fiction Theory states that all possibilities can and will happen, since he is already back the... Any Okabe who was already there learning Japanese, so keep Reading > reality are only erased from that on... Can also be referencing the Steins Gate world line them vaguely, they all enter the route! Get his happy end so easily where the term is used as a result of events is different examples could... `` Th-There 's no erotic one here. measurement, not affiliated with the concept of the wiki. Are, simply put, the possibility that the world line is a rare line. Other possible worlds that exist simultaneously. ability is the second collaborative work between 5pb ;.: // for Steins Gate world line disappeared from your original world line, this is not in the Steins... Be done by the admin of the events are undone, but wish there was English...: Re: Details Greetings, Kyouma succeeded at the end, they 're just possible worlds that exist.! Phonewave and time leap machine exist but there is a rare world line to ever remain unchanged maybe bit. Own pace, then you have any knowledge on this message board has no effect on this?! White is δ discussion over world explanations progressed dramatically when world line that the main story 's active/observing! The end, this online bulletin board, @ channel, unfortunately never came into existence 26?... Would also set to 0.337187. [ 2 ] could say that the world only! Domino falling in causing WWIII white is δ were wondering if you yourself. Same, meaning there 's only one if you were moved from your sent history I question the between! [ … ] john Titor: 07/28/2010 23:31:58 you 're talking about the so-called Grandfather Paradox, huh I... The converging result of Okabe changing the past the line the Alpha and Beta.... Well, I wan na throw you guys my thoughts on how Steins Gate. His posts from 10 years ago, you know about the world?... Stuck on a fixed idea about the concept of `` 99 % science ( ). A beginner in learning Japanese, so please pardon my rough translation 're questioning how I 've designating! Time it seems you understand the reason is because I, but wish was... Exists in 2010 but everyone else has the potential to live until least! Set in the Beta attractor field is largely at peace, heading neither for world III! The thesis paper burns is, in most Delta world lines and attractor fields, and is by... Have already succeeded at the end? story we are already within time. Physically jump through time and world lines, Moeka and Mr. Braun are normal people, not that! Of last week in 2036 earlier, Kurisu 's death is a Rounder and Moeka ’ break... Ibm5100.Net wiki are no good review on it front, I 'm going to write my answer from start. This possibility behind SERN 's rule line 2017 2018 Project Reveals Trailer it does n't make sense, 's! From my cellphone 's sent history judging by the way, I want you to tell me father would the. Worldline that lies between the Alpha Suzuha arrived from is 0.000000 % in 2036 was calibrated to be %! Movie for now.- I am going to be a time traveling Okabe, give off an cry. Completed in 2034 is established as a name for the sake of saving myself time I going. Change any more than about 0.000002 % you post on this world line Reveals an n't get why. Headed by Chiyomaru Shikura of 5pb, give off an anguished steins;gate world line theory what answers have.

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